I Am Not Just A Communication Designer!

After coming back from Japan, I realized that maybe being a Communication Designer is not enough. I had been doing some freelance design work here and there. And, I was always looking for opportunities to expand my skills and knowledge.

I always had a passion for teaching and I really enjoyed the two years teaching English in Japan. I realized that maybe this was one career path that I can pursue. A friend of mine told me that UBC was offering a Bachelor of Education. It is a one year intense program and there’s an option to teach IB as well. I was interested in applying for the program after attending the orientation.

One day, I came across a post about some sample classes at RED Academy. I attended two classes UI Design and Digital Marketing. I was quite intrigue by the Digital Marketing class. Especially after learning about how the teach industry is booming in Vancouver.

I was quite hesitant in my choice in Digital Marketing. The learning curve is huge and everything is so foreign to me. But, the more I learn about it, the more I realized how Digital Marketing and Design goes hand in hand.

Not only that but every brand, service, event and product needs some sort of digital marketing strategy. When it comes to design, we can user test it and go “oh, this works and this doesn’t work”. But, I think with digital marketing, you can analyze the data and have hard evidence as to why and where something is working or not. This is where I became very fascinated with the idea of digital marketing merging with design.

After doing more research, I learned there are many different aspect to digital marketing and strategy like Brand strategy, Email Marketing, Content Management and Strategy, Mobile Marketing, SEO and SEM, Social Media Management and Advertising, and Inbound Marketing. Tools like Google Analytics is used to help efficiently track customer behavior, optimize conversion.

According to Vancouver Sun’s “Vancouver will have more than 15,500 tech jobs openings between now and 2019.” I lived in Vancouver all my life, not only it is a great city to live in, but the tech industry is growing bigger every year. Big companies like Hootsuite, Microsoft and Amazon are settling in Vancouver making it the next Silicon Valley of the west Coast.

For me, this is exciting news! Especially since tech companies are having troubles finding talents in this field This is a great opportunity for me to expand my skills to meet that demand!