Are Infographics effective at all?!

Would you rather read plain text or have pretty pictures and cool videos to look at? The winner is pretty clear. Our brains process and digest visual contents faster than text. We are also especially attracted to aesthetically pleasing visuals. 

Here are some scientific reasons as to why people are wired to response to visual…

1. Our brain makes sense of the world almost entirely through vision.
2. For survival reason we associate colors to good and bad things
3. and another survival reason, we are sensitive to movement to keep us alive therefore good videos keep the brain alert and interested!
4. We are hardwired to respond to faces.
5. Stimulate the brain because it loves it! We have an average attention span of 8 seconds in 2015. We’ll get bored and move on if we are not entertained and interested.
6. Simplicity is the way to go: “A picture speaks a thousand words” With simple graphics, the brain can process the information quicker than having to recall from memory or through imagination
7. We are masters at reading people’s faces for emotional cue. This is the best way to get people involved through personal connections and stories.
8. We can process images far quicker than text. It takes twice as long to process words while it only takes a split second to process an image.
9. We have a great memory for visuals.

Now, let’s try giving you some information using visuals. - 13 reasons
Credit: Quicksprout

The information presented with visual was easier to understand compare to just a paragraph of text. Infographic or Information graphic is an way of presenting complex ideas using images and text. Every day we are bombarded with information everywhere we go! And our brains filter 99% of all that information. Talk about information overload!

This is how I think being a designer and marketer comes into play. As a designer, I can create visually appealing infographic to best represent the information. And, as a marketer, I have access and knowledge to analyze the right information to the content.
But why use it?

1. People loves facts, figures and statistics and by combining that with images and graphic, you have contents that are easy to understand.
2. We are highly visual species. Why not use that to our advantage?
3. Infographic is easily accessible.
4. Create brand awareness by embedding your logo/brand.
5. Increase traffic by providing a link for people to share the information to your website!
6. You can increase your Google’s “Page Rank” when people link your infographic to their site.
7. You have an expert understanding in the topic because of the research you have done.

Here is a great example of an infographic explaining Why your Brain Craves Informations.